Cimrman English Theatre
135 MIN | Cimrman, Smoljak, Svěrák

A man inherits a pub from his grandfather situated in a glade in the middle of a forest. For many years there have been no customers except for Ludvík. Then, suddenly, in one day, two new people arrive at the pub: Count Zeppelin whose airship is grounded because of a loss of gas; and an escaped convict, Kulhánek. Both wish to continue their journey until they learn that the Innkeeper has a beautiful, caring granddaughter, Růženka. who set out to town for saffron and a little bit of ginger.
The men begin to compete passionately for the affections of the innkeeper’s beautiful granddaughter, Růženka.


The Cast:

  • Student: Ben Bradshaw
  • Professor: Peter Hosking
  • Kulhánek: Curt Matthew
  • Innkeeper: Michael Pitthan
  • Count Zeppelin: Adam Stewart

Director: Peter Hosking

Translation:  Emilia Machalová and Brian Stewart with Hana Jelínková

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