About Ensemble

The Jára Cimrman Theatre (DJC) has been playing in our theatre (then still the T.G.M. Žižkov Theatre) since October 1992. Since 1995, our theatre has been called the Jára Cimrman Žižkov Theatre.
DJC brought with it eleven theatre productions by Zdeněk Svěrák and Ladislav Smoljak.
In the following years, already on the boards of the ŽDJC, it staged four more plays in order: Záskok, Švestka, Afrika and lastly Czech Heaven.
All fifteen titles can be seen on the ŽDJC boards not only in our theatre in Prague, but also in many Czech cities where the DJC likes to visit every month.

The Jára Cimrman Theatre is not a legal entity and is represented by the Echo Theatre Agency, which also provides all touring performances.

Only performances staged here, in our theatre, are under the responsibility of the ŽDJC.
The copyright of the authors is protected by the Aura-pont Theatre Agency. For the use of all or parts of the plays by Svěrák+Smoljak, please contact this agency.


Alena Kotková (managing director of Echo agency)
[email protected]

Petra Marková (director of the Aura-pont agency)
[email protected]


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