O divadelním dvorku


After the positive experience of playing in the outdoor spaces of the Jára Cimrman Žižkov Theatre in recent years, we have decided to continue this tradition on a larger scale in the summer of 2021. Thus, the Žižkov Theatre Yard was created as a summer stage belonging to our theatre.

Previously, in 2019, a touring production of Chekhov’s The Seagull was created at the Žižkov Theatre, which took place in various areas of the theatre, including the Courtyard. It was performed by members of the 3D Company and Puls Theatre and was also reprised during the 2020 summer holidays. In the summer of 2021, the Theatre in Řeznická, which does not have its own summer stage, was also a guest in the Žižkov Theatre Courtyard. The productions ŽižKabaret (3D company) and Skečírek (AQUALUNG Theatre) were tailor-made for this unique space.

In summer 2023 we are planning more productions for our summer stage.

The Jára Cimrman Theatre does not play at the Yard, in the summer the gentlemen are usually engaged in well-deserved relaxation or tours, but you can watch one of the English versions of Cimrman English Theatre.

The auditorium at the Žižkov Courtyard has a capacity of 60 seats and, as it is an outdoor space with tables, refreshments are of course allowed. Evening performances will start at 7pm or exceptionally at 8pm. So it is definitely worth keeping an eye on the current schedule and the theatre’s website.

In case of bad weather we will play the performance inside the theatre.